Rules can be defined to apply to a collection as a whole instead of individual collection elements. These rules are defined under "Volume Discount Rules". In the event definition, events can be added to a collection. Any Volume Discount Rules that apply to that collection automatically apply to the event. It is important to note that all the events in the collection do NOT have to be chosen for the Volume Discount Rules to apply.

There are two types of Volume Discount Rules:
  1. Number of Events - A rule is based on the number of events. If the condition of the rule is met, then a coupon is applied to all events in the collection.

    How to Set Up a VDR based on the Number of Events

  2. Position of Events - A rule is based on the position of the event. For example, a coupon can be set to apply to events 3 or more, but the coupon does not apply to the first two events chosen. Note that the computer randomly chooses the "position" of the events, it is not based on the order that appears on the screen. Position rules normally apply when the prices of all events in the collection are equal.

    How to Set Up a VDR based on the Position of Events
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